Basic Firearms Safety and Operation ($100)

This class is ideal for someone that has no experience with firearms or shooting.  The class is approximately 5 hrs in duration followed by 1 hr of range time.  You do not need to own a firearm to take this course; we provide everything!  Course topics include:

  • Firearm Safety and Responsibilities

  • Firearm Operation and Terminology

  • Types of Ammunition

  • Clearing Malfunctions

  • Elements of Marksmanship

  • Range Safety

Click here to see available course dates and to register

SC/NC Concealed Carry ($80)

This class is for individuals that want to be issued a Concealed Weapons Permit.  The class is approximately 8 hrs in duration, followed by range qualification.  You do not need to own a handgun to take this course.  In addition to the topics covered in the Basic Firearms Safety and Operation Course, additional topics include:

  • Legal Statutes and Case Law

  • Prohibited Locations

  • Self Defense Considerations

Both a written examination and range qualification are required components of this class.  Click here to see available course dates and to register

Defensive Pistol and Bleed Control ($150)

This class is for students that have a current concealed carry license and a strong foundation of firearm safety and operation.  This class is introduces students to self defense shooting and begins the transition from range shooting to more applicable, real life shooting scenarios.  It is NOT a tactical class.  Students are asked to wear their normal, everyday attire that they conceal carry in.  Students are expected to already have their own EDC weapon and concealed holster.  In addition to numerous drills and scenario instruction, students will be introduced to bleed control techniques including tourniquets, packing and chest seals.  This class is outdoors and is rarely concealed for weather, unless there are safety concerns.  Students will need approximately 200rds of ammunition.  Class duration is 5 hours.  Class will cover:

  • Presentation and Re-holstering

  • Threat Scanning

  • Multiple Target Acquisition

  • Unconventional Shooting Positions

  • Off Hand/Single Hand shooting

  • Malfunction Clearing

  • Distance Management and Movement

  • Bleed Control Techniques

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Corporate or Organization Self Defense Classes (Cost Varies)

All organizations want to keep their employees and members safe.  After all, people are the most important asset! Unfortunately, only a few organizations take the step of actively providing that training to their employees.  We can provide that training and will tailor it to cover circumstances unique to your organization.  Anything from physical security, workplace violence to self defense classes. Contact us so we can begin designing your course. 

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