At Prasesidium Solutions LLC, we are passionate about self defense, personal protection and keeping everyone safe!  Our mission is to provide quality training using proven methods and techniques. We accomplish our mission by training individuals and organizations in two areas; firearms and physical combatives.  No matter your experience level, we can provide the training that you need.  We also provide in-home training to meet your needs and reduce stress that sometimes comes when first training with firearms.  In addition, we provide training to organizations around personal safety and self defense.​

Teaching Approach and Methodology

There are many self defense instructors to choose from today.  We are unique in that all of our training is done with live and fully resisting partners.  Training this way, students quickly realize that fine motor techniques (pressure points, vital targeting etc.) is of limited value.  We focus on gross motor movements that allow students to control the situation and/or escape from the threat.  Much of our training involves concepts from BJJ, wrestling, MMA as well as striking from standing clinches.